Why won’t my TV connect to my external hard drive?
Question by Eric Vossen /
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I have a new Samsung Plasma that will open a pen drive automatically, but when I connect my Toshiba 1.5TV external hard drive, my TV won’t read my remote or recognize that the hard drive is connected.

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Answers (10)
  • Shane

    I have son Bravia 3d and I connected a medion 1tb via USB it worked then I formatted it and now it doese not. flash cards are fine .

  • ian barratt

    I have a Sony Bravia 3d TV, what I want to know is can I connect a portable hard drive to it and record TV programs onto it?

  • Alex Perkins

    The Hard Drive probably requires more power then the TV can provide, you could try getting a powered USB hub, plugging it into the TV, plugging the power in into the wall and then the HDD into the hub.

  • Jagbir Sembhi

    it probably your TV doesn't support hard drives and most TV's only support flash drive so if you have SSD you can try that.

  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    I think your TV recognize specific formats! check what the format it supports like FAT or NTFS.. then change your HDD to the compatible file system!

  • muotechguy

    Copy the files off the drive, and repartition it into smaller sections. Format them fat32, copy your files back on, et voila.

  • brenobs

    maybe there is a software incompatibility. Look online if there are successful connections between your TV and you hd. if not, there's nothing to do

  • ha14

    check Samsung Plasma starting guide perhaps will list hard drives compatible with he system and how to plug it.

  • Junil Maharjan

    Many of these TVs only accept FAT and do not accept NTFS drives. Your hard drive must be NTFS since its 1.5 TB. It may also be because of the partition itself.

  • Aska Nag

    1. For the hard drive you need additional power supply.
    2. The interface of a drive is not USB 3.0? May be this is the problem, because of incompatibility. In the TV likely USB 2.0.

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