Why won’t my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2.7. not charge?
Question by Kopa /
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So my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2.70 has been dead for maybe 3 months and it’s been charging for an hour. I know it’s not my charger cause I just got it.

I’ve plugged it into the car, computer, and the wall and it’s not giving me anything. It’s not showing any signs that it’s even remotely charging at all.

So is there anything I can like do? I’m so confused. I’m not sure what to do now. Is the battery shot ? Do I leave it charge longer? Please help!

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Answers (23)
  • Patrick

    I had this problem and I wonder if it was triggered by using an 8000 mah backup battery backup from EZO. I do fieldwork all day with my 7" and 4000 mah isn't enough to get past 2PM.

  • shubham

    i have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100. I tried this step but it still is not charging. It is only charging when it is powered off, not when I am using it. It is also not the connection to the computer. What should I do? Respond to me in my email.

    • Bruce Epper

      Commenters cannot respond to your email address as they do not have access to it. If you do post your email address in a question or comment, it will be removed to prevent email harvesting (and future spamming of your account). All responses will show up in the thread where the question or comment was originally posted.

  • jon

    My asus tablet says it has 0% battery and i have it on the charger and the charge isnt going up whats wrong with it????

  • Julianna

    my galaxy tab 2 7.0 was having the same issue, but it seemed like it only did it when pluged in to the USB port on my lap top, try pluging it into the wall

  • susendeep dutta

    Try ha14's solution listed in previous discussion of similar type of question -


  • ha14

    if it is hardware problem then you need to replace it if it is under warranty or get help from shop. Changing the battery is an indication.

  • DalSan M

    With your tablet unplugged, press and hold the Power button for around 30 seconds. Then place your tablet on the charger (preferably the home charger) and wait a couple minutes. Then press and hold the power button for around 30 seconds again. If this does not help, then the battery may be bad. Storing a lithium-ion battery should done with no less than 40% battery life left, otherwise the battery voltage or power can go below the safety net (li-ion batteries are not fully dead when your device tells you they are. Once the battery reaches below the safe level, the battery is no longer good or safe to use anymore).

    • chante

      Thanks for this because my galaxy wasn't responding at all...after following these steps it has the yellow charging battery on the screen

    • Zoe

      thanks this worked :)

    • anjang1980

      Thanks.. This help to solve my problem.. Before, when i charges my Samsung tablet 7 plus, it show the tablet is charging but when the charging indicator move just 1 block, it will restarted charging again and this thing symptom repeated again and again but no charges go in the battery.. but.. after trying what u suggested ( with the power unplug, press the power button for 30 second then plug in the power adapter to the tablet and press and hold the power button again for 30 second) it finally charging normally now but i wonder, what trigger this symptom in the first place ?? and how to prevent this kind of symptom from happened again ??

    • Dalsan M

      It is hard to say what exactly causes this to happen. Holding the power button should reset the power between the main board and the battery's built in power meter (at least that is what I think). There are different things to try to avoid this, but after searching this problem further, it isn't easy because it happens at random, whether the tablet has 50% battery life or not, while charging or not. Sometimes performing a power reset (the steps above) is the only thing that can be done.

    • king

      it helped me thanx.

    • gordon mackie

      perfect solution !! i thought my tab was a gonner there !!! many thanks

    • Dalsan M

      You are welcome, everyone. Wish I could say what causes it and why this works, but at least there is a simple solution to this issue (most times). Cheers!

    • k

      how long is a couple of minutes

    • Dalsan M

      2 minutes at minimum of you are lucky, but 5-10 minutes should be enough to get a charge back into the battery. If this still does not work for you, try using a 500mA (milliamp) charger instead of a 1A or 2A (amp) charger. Sometimes a lower power source is needed to "jump start" the battery. I would also try a different charger cable, if possible, or even a car charger.

    • adjutant

      Dalsan M, thank you!

    • Budro

      Worked for me 2!

  • Jim Chambers

    Test the charger to see if its working. Just because its new is no guarantee.

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