Why won’t my Galaxy Tab 3 turn on?
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I have tried everything and my tablet still will not turn on. I held the power button down, held the power button down while touching the screen, power button and volume down, power and volume button up, power and home button, home button and volume down…

I just bought my tablet about 2 months ago and have not used it in about 1 month. I know the battery is dead but when I try to charge it, whether it be on the pc or through the charger, it does not do anything.

How do I resolve this?

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Answers (20)
  • chyanne

    Well I had my samsung galaxy tab for a couple of months and one day it would not turn on I tried everything but nothing worked so I just decided to leave the charger plugged in for 24 hrs and didnt try it until the following month then I held the home button down the volume buttton down and the on button and it finally worked and this has happened to my cuz and my sis and it worked for all three of us try it u never know

  • Anonymous

    Does not work

  • AJ

    I just found an odd fix. Hold the power button down and the volume button down at the same time for about ten seconds. Let go of the volume button and keep the power button down for a few more seconds. Release the power button. No idea why this worked, but it did. Give it a try.

    • Mrs boo

      Thank you for this!! I only got my tab on Tuesday as a present and it just wouldn’t turn back on – your trick worked!! Thanks!!

  • Ms Upset

    Tab 3, 7″ since 9/26/13 charge it powered off last night. Woke up to 13% life, I check for plug/outlett problems, was non. This thing is not charging. Soon as bestbuy open up I will be returning for repairs. Its 6:am

  • smills

    Im having same problem since late October. It wont turn on. Even purchased a new charger.

  • dustin

    I have tried all of these and noting works and I cant figure out how to take the back off

  • Anonymous

    Plug to an outlet, let it charge for a while then hold down “on” button for a few seconds..it worked!

  • Anonymous

    mine won’t turn on either

  • rock

    wow i tried changing charger and put the charger which was given to it ,it started working

  • GK

    Same problem.. Any solution please advice

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