Mohammad Hamzani Salleh

Why won’t my computer boot at all?

01 Jun 2012
Firefox 12
01 Jun 2012 | Windows | Firefox 12

My PC cannot boot. I have tried all the options in the manual as well as common stuff but nothing happens. When I power on my PC, all components are running but nothing appears on screen – just a blank screen without any error message.

I have tried to diagnose it myself. First I tried changing the hard drive but nothing happens or boots at all. Then I tried changing the IDE cable but nothing happened also. Then I switched the CPU to an old one that i have… nothing happened. I then tried to use a display adapter rather than onboard graphics and nothing happened. Lastly I tried to unplug all cables to the hard drive and optical drive, unplugged the RAM and switched on. Nothing happened, no nag screen, no blue screen, no beeping sound due to RAM missing or what not… just nothing at all.

The system, including power lights, is on. All hard drives and RAM is running, CPU also run, fans are all okay but nothing appears on my screen. What could be the problem?! Thanks!

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