Why won’t music play through the Google Play Music app?

Bumferry April 19, 2013
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I have bought my dad a Nexus 7. He is unable to use the Google Play Music app.
We both have a Nexus 7 and mine is working fine.

His comes up with a message stating “MUSIC TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE” with the message underneath saying “COULDN’T PLAY THE STREAM THAT YOU REQUESTED”
Because it is new my dad is simply trying to test the app to see what it sounds like and has used anything on the tablet as yet other than this.

My tablet is working fine and will play the music without issue.

The app has been updated manually today but still refuses to work.

Even trying to “pin” the songs doesn’t work.

Google’s help forums doesn’t seem to have any suitable options.

He is signed in with his Google account but has not set up Google wallet (don’t know if this is an issue to listen to music or not?!?!)

If anyone knows how to get it working both my Dad and I would be very grateful.

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