Why is the camera on my Samsung tablet not working?
Question by somewin dennis-clarke /

Why does my Samsung tablet camera always says failed. I want to know how to use it. Am getting really mad and disappointed that I chose this brand to buy. Please tell me what to do or else am going to return the tablet and try a different brand. Honestly am fed up, please help!

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Answers (13)
  • Vijay Pereira

    Try *#0*#
    check if it is working
    If not show it to the service center
    It must be because of hardware failure..

  • susendeep dutta

    Then take it to the shop for getting another tablet as now you have the proof that this tablet is faulty and you have done everything that a consumer can perform within the boundaries of warranty.

  • Imesh Chandrasiri

    return the device and go for another model or a manufacturer.


    • somewin dennis-clarke

      Am definitely going to that

    • Dimal Chandrasiri

      please go through a new device immediately you buy it or before buying it! a consumer can always take as much time as they want to check the device they are going to buy! recently I sold my Xperia SOLA to a person and it was few weeks back! He called me yesterday asking on how to take a video call. SOLA doesn’t have a dedicated video call camera so It might give you an idea on what the mistake you did! :)

  • Tina

    Can you be a little more precise when and how the camera is failing?

    What app are you trying to run the camera with?
    Does or did it ever work?
    What exactly triggers a crash or is it random?
    Are there any error messages you could share?

    What Samsung tablet do you have and what version of Android is it running?

    • somewin dennis-clarke

      It work at first and then a message show camera fail.2its random, it wont take any pic no videos when using oovoo for example:it shows the camera fail friends can’t see me but I can see them 3.it always say camera fail from once u touch ok button 4.its a tab2 10.1 android version, 4.1 kernel version 3.0.31-523998 the apps thats on it hope these ans. Will help u understand my problem

    • susendeep dutta

      Does this occurs even without using the ooVoo app i.e. using the native camera app which came pre-installed ?

      Did you tried factory reset of your tablet.

      Try such things.If even after the factory reset,the camera doesn’t works,you can strongly affirm to the seller that this is faulty device and then you can choose another device.

      There was similar unsolved issue which was faced and asked.See below –


    • somewin dennis-clarke

      I did factory reset and still have the same problem

    • somewin dennis-clarke

      Yes even without using oovoo , I stop using oovoo because and it still show camera fail

    • Diej

      Mine has done the same thing, its the main camera and when you go on it it just says camera failed. This happened before and it started working again after a while but its happened again, I have no idea why

    • shruti

      my samsung galaxy tab 2 camera saying warning:camera failed evry time i click on camera application.i no image or nethn coming.it only a week old..plz hlp

    • Tina Sieber

      Did you try the solutions recommended here? We also had a similar question, which Susendeep linked to above. If none of those worked, please post a new question. Thank you!

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