Why is my Samsung Galaxy stuck at an Android downloading screen?
Question by Laura Murray /

My Samsung Galaxy was not turning on so I searched for what to do. I saw something about rebooting it so I did, now my screen has a picture of an Android guy digging and there is writing that says “Downloading…do not turn off target!!!” It’s been there for an hour and a half, what do I do?

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Answers (10)
  • Tanya

    my samsung galaxy 2 died earlier, when i plugged it into the charger, it is stuck in “downloading…do not turn off target!!” scree. holding the power button does not fix it nor did taking out the battery….HELP

    • susendeep dutta

      As mentioned above,you need to press VOLUME UP + MENU BUTTON + POWER BUTTON at a same time to get your phone to normal state.

  • mehmed

    I pushed the Power button, but there ‘s this Samsung Galaxy openning jingle on the screen, for hours… It does not switch on.. what shoud i do? Holding the Power button doesnt help…

  • Nvi

    Odin stop responding and downloading process stuck at near end.. after restar phone stop responing for on /off… what should i do now? ;<

  • Deepak Kapoor

    Its on bootloader mode. Just restart your device. ;)

  • ryandigweed0

    Try pulling out the battery, and then leave it for a while. Then put it back on and try. If you flashed your galaxy with a firmware, i think you might have did something wrong in the process

  • Susendeep Dutta

    Hold the power button until it shuts down or restarts.Now,you need to enter into recovery mode by pressing and holding VOLUME UP + MENU BUTTON + POWER BUTTON.

    NOTE :- Do not press VOLUME DOWN button.

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