Why is my laptop suddenly freezing when I play any game?

Ethan Xavier Alexander Allen May 12, 2013
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I always play games on my laptop with no problems. It used to freeze or shut down a while back when I tried playing certain games, but stopped once I updated my graphics card, the problem seemed to go away….

This month, out of NOWHERE, it’s doing something it’s never done before: it’s freezing completely when I play ANY GAME…even the games that don’t require much, like the Sims. It’s just freezing. Sound and everything are just gone. But the strange thing is that the buttons on the laptop keyboard seem to work, even though there’s no movement, and my cooling pad, which normally shuts off when I shutdown my computer, is still running.

I’m using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I’ve never had an issue like this before. I tried updating my graphics card and every other driver I have…everything is to date. I even tried rolling back my graphics card to an earlier version…same issue…

I seriously don’t want to reset my laptop again. I have way too many things on it this time around. There has to be a reason why it’s freezing whenever I play games and working perfectly fine otherwise.

I can’t say it’s overheating either, because it acts the same way all the time and works flawlessly BEFORE this started about a week or two ago. So that can’t be the problem either….

I don’t have money to get it fixed…but resetting it this time is an extreme solution…so can somebody please help….

Thanx in advance…

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