Johanna Pal

Why is my Facebook account blocked for 30 days?

01 Feb 2013
Windows 8
Explorer 10
01 Feb 2013 | Windows 8 | Explorer 10

On Monday, we changed our ISP and have gone to Gmail. When I attempted to log in to¬†Facebook¬† I got message that for security purposes My account was locked. Then today, I had to jump through hoops to get the account reactivated and now I have message that I am blocked for 30 days because I supposedly abused privacy policies. I have no idea what I have done. I have never posted anything on Facebook about anyone, never contacted anyone I did not know. All I do is play 2 of the games, and check on my step-sons and niece .Why can’t I find out what the problem is and how do I rectify it. There is nothing any where to give me direction as to where to go or who to contact.

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