Why is my external hard disk not recognized?

Joses Lemmuela June 5, 2013
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Two days ago, when I was copying my ‘entire’ files to the external HDD, I accidentally dropped (damnit!) the drive from about 2.5 feet down, yet surprisingly nothing happened and the files kept copying and finished it.

Then, yesterday, I disconnected the drive without ejecting from Windows first when I was installing a certain printer driver (likely irrelevant, though). Then, when I tried connecting the drive again, it was recognized as a new drive and Windows asked it to be formatted! Of course, I didn’t do it at first, then I disconnected and connected again, and it now doesn’t show up anymore.

External HDD: Western Digital MyPassport 1TB 0748

If I try to connect the drive, Windows will recognize something is connected with a bell sound effect, then the drives turn on, and spins. The only outside difference from before now is that the white light keeps blinking. There is NO noticeable weird noises (like clicking noises), the drive spins normally.

It won’t show up in Explorer/My Computer, but it shows up in the Device and Printers as “My Passport”, and in Device Manager as “WD 0748 something”. If I open Disk Management, it will usually hang and not display anything except the Loading Virtual Data Service… at the bottom.

Sometimes it loads, and displays the drive as “Disk 2”, with no size and if that happens, there is an “initialize” menu when I right-click. If I try to safely disconnect the drive via Windows eject, it’ll fail to eject, and somehow it shows in My Computer/Explorer, as drive G:. But then if I try to click it Explorer will fail and not respond. And then the only way to turn off the drive is by disconnecting it physically (Not even shutting down the Windows work as it seems like my PC still sends power to the USB on standby!).

I have tried a few Data Recovery Programs, yet they fail to recognize the drive. I tried assigning a partition, and it didn’t work. As far as physical goes, I haven’t really tried anything except connecting the drive to my sister’s computer, which also didn’t recognize it.

I learned my lesson the hard way, I will never forget/postpone to back up again. But my luck still sucks, as it is the final step of finishing the comp, and I was going to back up THIS WEEK (for the first time in my life) anyway. And also, the drive is very new, bought in May. As for how valuable the data is… It’s about my lifetime of data from when I started with my second computer.

Since the drive is still spinning, I hope I can still revive it. As for data recovery company, I simply don’t have the money for that.

Thank you for reading, and thanks in advance,

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