Why is my C: drive on Disk1 and E: on Disk0 and is that bad?

Tony More January 19, 2013
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My Windows 7 system seems to be working just fine. I have two physical hard drives. One I use mainly for my OS and software, while the second drive is exclusively for data.

I was nosing around the Disk Management utility and was kind of surprised to see that my C: drive is on disk channel #1 (Disk1) and my E: drive (the one with my data) is on disk channel #0 (Disk0).

I’m wondering two things: (1) How did that happen, and (2) Does it make any difference?

I’m guessing it’s simply a matter of the SATA connectors I’m connected to. But I’m still wondering whether any experts think this somehow makes a difference with Disk0 not being the boot disk.

Thanks, folks!

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