Why is Microsoft Office and Excel not working on my computer?
Question by George Oppong Quaw Esq /
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I’m not able to open any document on my computer. When I click on Excel, it says Microsoft Office Excel has stopped working. System will close down. Window will error.

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Answers (9)
  • Alan Wade

    Uninstall Office.
    Download and run the Windows Install Cleanup Tool being very careful to only check the MS Office apps.
    Re-install Office and try again.

  • pp potana

    try to re-install it again.

  • Steve Lundy

    Try opening Office in 'safe mode' before doing a reinstall or uninstall. Hold down the ctrl key and click on the excel icon. it should tell you that you're starting it in safe mode, click ok to that message. If it starts up ok, then it's an addon that's causing the problem. if it doesn't start up ok, and shuts down then you can go into event viewer and see if it recorded the error there. it could be a simple "repair" that's needed as others suggested, or it may be something not office related. Event viewer can be launched by click the start "orb" and in the search box type event and it should come up in the search results. Once open, click on the arrow next to "Windows Logs". Then go to Applications and check the last few entries for the office shutdown. Or click the arrow next to "Applications and Services" and then go to "Microsoft Office Alerts" and see if it recorded anything there. Once you get an event and get the basic description, and event id, post it here, or do a search online and you should be able to find a resolution. If there is nothing in event viewer then try a reinstall as the others have suggested.

  • Ahmed Musani

    you should try repairing. GO to control panel select Microsoft office-> right click-> select change.
    after that a window will open with a repair option. select that. after repair check if it works
    hope that helps.

  • Shankar C

    try repairing or reinstalling MS office .
    For alternate options use openoffice

  • Saurav Azad

    better go for open office from apache
    refer the link to download http://goo.gl/G8nR8
    and please trash the junk applications from microsoft

  • Paul Pruitt

    Try going into "Programs and Features" in Window's Control Panel. Select your version of Microsoft Office or Excel. Instead of "Uninstall", choose "Change" right next to it. Choose the "Repair" radio button and then Next. See if that fixes the issue.

    If it doesn't uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Excel or Office as a whole.

  • ha14

    Reset User Options And Registry Settings In Word

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