Why is AirDroid not sending long messages, only short ones?

Cristián T November 25, 2013
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Hello. I sometimes get this error that states that AirDroid failed to send a message. This only happened with one message, and I let it slide even though I was never able to send it. Then there was another message that I tried to send to a friend through AirDroid, AirDroid reported the same error, that AirDroid was not able to send the message.

I noticed that AirDroid usually reports this error when I send particularly long messages. When I send short messages, this error doesn’t seem to occur. There should not be a limit to how many characters a message contains in order to be sent from AirDroid, and there never has been ever since I started using it in 2011. Please help me fix this problem. Thank you so much for your time and patience.

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