Why does YouTube freeze Mozilla Firefox?
Question by George Adams /

I’ve tried to disable a couple of things as recommended, but still having the same problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled but still not good.

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Answers (20)
  • tspnyc

    OK I see now that I Explorer is freezing just as much once I go to HD on the videos.

    I have Road Runner cable, not using wireless, 16 MB of RAM and the latest Flash.

    I think it still points to the particular server or node that Youtube is hosting the video on.

  • tspnyc

    It is not the flash version, I have the latest version and some videos freeze every few seconds. I assumed it was related to the time of day and youtube being over crowded, but I see the same HD video does not freeze at all on Internet Explorer.

    A bit of a shock since I always considered Firefox to be superior than IE.

    I will NEVER use Chrome, or gmail or G anything, until Google signs the international privacy agreements. And no, Microsoft or any another company does not invade privacy and systematically read all content of private mail, etc. the way Google does.

  • Yashodhan Bhatt

    Its simple brother, You need to update your flash player.Check your version here:

  • Charles Yost

    I would recommend using Google Chrome. I find it to be fairly fast and have very little problems with it. Just make sure to keep it up to date.

  • Silhoutte James

    This happens to me too. Happens at the start of the video, feels like if it happens more often on some videos, audio may start but video instantly freezes within 2 seconds and then none of the buttons in Firefox work -> must kill using task manager.

    So this doesn't happen everytime but when watching many videos it will eventually crash.

    Also I have Vista 64 and this problem started occuring within few weeks, no problems at all before this. (problem with new flash or firefox?)

    Happens in safe mode with only flash enabled. Tried reinstalling Firefox and flash players.

    I thought Firefox 3.6.6 shouldn't crash when plugins fail. Also Shockwave Flash version

  • Kali Jensen

    well, i dont really know, but firefox is slow, if you want a web browser that works then download google chrome, it is very fast and reliable and it doesnt freeze up like internet explorer or mozilla firefox

  • Joel Shimberg

    Are you going to answer the question?

  • Ijtaba Alavi

    Do this... (or skip if u see that u hv tried this already)
    1) reboot your OS, then proceed to clearing all ur browser data
    2) start by disabling addons then uninstalling them, then reinstalling firefox (clear registry before doing that).
    3) now start by reinstalling/updating your Flash Player (get.adobe.com/flash) and Java (www.java.com).
    4) even if this doesn't works well, then check this...
    just open up youtube and start watching videos.. does player works fine or not?
    then start opening 3-4 more tabs of same video (or different) now open facebook and twitter too..
    your firefox will start freezing....
    => check the cache settings override them to manual! and put them to their maximum (1024mb)...
    on Windows 8 (i'm using for more than a month, a regular firefox user) it freezed only 2 times... but on windows 7 it used to freeze like hell and sometimes it freeze teh display too !
    Opening firefox for too long causes this problem, minimizing the firefox when many tabs are opened causes this too...
    i'm just telling the methods to avoid freezes !!! :)

  • David

    Not ony Youtube but Flash is doing that, several time a session on flash enabled sites.

  • Alexis Ceroleni

    Change the browser. I haven0't had that problem since I use Palemoon which is a browser based of Firefox with many tweaks that makes it more stable and you can still use the same skins, plugins, etc as on Firefox.

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