Why does Windows 7 crash when I try to open most programs?

Francisco de Gusmao March 29, 2013
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I’m running¬†Windows 7¬†32-bit. Recently I had a problem and I formatted the c: drive and installed Windows again. After that I ran into another problem, every time I tried to open a program or folder, the explorer encountered an error and restarted, I later found out that the problem was on a corrupted ieproxy.dll file and, through the CMD I solved it.

Now, it seems that a similar, but worse problem appeared. Basically I can’t open anything, not even the CMD. Just some particular (almost seem random) programs open: control panel, uninstall/repair programs, uTorrent and maybe another few. No browsers open. Also, it’s the same in safe mode and I can only restart with the 5 second push on the power button.

I wandered around the net and I couldn’t find many similar problems, the ones I found, were easier to solve, basically it was a virus, or weren’t solved at all. I have some doubts about the reliability of my HDD by now, ’cause the older problem had its origin, according to some sources, in a HDD write or read error.

Any ideas of how can I solve this? Thanks in advance..

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