Why does sound come from internal speakers even when I plug in headphones?
Question by Lauri /
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Whenever I plug a set of headphones or external speakers into my computer, no sound comes from them. The sound continues to come from the computer’s built in speakers. I have plugged the headphones and speakers into different jacks, but no success.

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Answers (20)
  • Emme

    Before Windows 8 I used to be able to plug the headphones in and the sound would automatically switch over from speakers to headphones without manually disabling/enabling devices.

    Any suggestions on how to set this up?

  • Lourens

    In my case my headphone jack has been identified as a line in jack, but the advanced settings or connector retasking options are not available :(

  • Nick

    I have the same problem, except the headphones do work, but i still get sound from the speakers.

  • Hannes Grebin

    ha14 was right for me! thxx

  • Logan Cunningham

    You just need to set your computer to send audio through the headphones. This can usually be done through the options for your soundcard

  • Rhys Davies

    Sometimes you have to go into control panel and manually select the output option

  • ha14

    perhaps this can help
    Windows 8 Headphone problem
    click on Disable front panel jack detection and click on OK

    Go into
    -> control panel
    -> device manager (must be an administrator)
    -> sound, video and game controllers
    - Right click on your audio device
    - choose "disable"
    - wait afew minutes and right click, choose "enable"

    1) open sound from control panel,
    2) on the playback window right click anywhere and choose show disabled Devices
    3) Re-enable your device

  • Alan Wade

    In the Control Panel click on Sound and check if it has a green tick next to Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio. If not right click on that option and choose Use as standard.
    Open the Realtek Audio Manager in the Control Panel and click on the Speakers tab.
    Now in the top section there is a speaker button next to the volume control, click it while trying your speakers or headphones.
    Another thing that springs to mind is the sound driver, try updating it.

  • Bruce Epper

    If you are using either Vista or Win7, you can click on the speaker icon in the notification area and select the Mixer link on the bottom of the slider. When the full mixer dialog opens, if the icon is not headphones for the Device slider (far left), select the arrow under the current icon and change it to Headphones. Close the dialog.

  • Mike

    Depending on your soundcard and driver there might be an option to automatically switch to headphones if connected.


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