Why does my Toshiba webcam only work with third party software and how do I fix it?

Fal D November 30, 2013
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Hi guys. I have this problem that I’ve been trying to solve for so long. Please help me. So this is the mind-boggling issue:

Okay so I have my relatively new Toshiba laptop and at first glance everything seemed to have been in good order, but a few days ago when I tried to access the camera app in the start section (an app with a white camera icon) it loads but after but then shortly disappears.

My brother also got his Toshiba and his camera app is working perfectly. I checked the device manager and it is listed under imaging device and when tried updating the driver it stated that everything was up to date. Now this is the thing – on Skype my camera works fine but when I try accessing the app in the start menu that is where the problem begins. It just won’t work. I have no clue what’s happening here.

Can someone, anyone please help me? I am begging! PLEASE!!!!

I would really appreciate any help at all.

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