Why does my laptop refuse to shutdown, and sometimes will not start?

October 21, 2013
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I have an old hp-compaq nx8820 computer and it cannot be shut down by software command, neither in windows or linux (I use dual boot). It usually gets stuck during the final stages of the shut down process. So that I have to shut it down manually by pressign the power button.

When trying to start up the coputer, very often it – on a very dim screen – gives the message ‘Cannot find smart card’ and cannot boot. This happens mostly when trying to start at short period of time after shut down. After 10-20 minutes it will usually start. It’s like it needed to cool or something, but on the other hand it can run for days without any problem, without heating.

This starting and shutting down problem is the only one I can see.

A few times it wouldn’t start at all (even after a full night rest) – until I opened the laptop to look for something obviosly wrong. Could not find anything but after that the computer started. Pure luck maybe, but the same happened a second time.

I wander what the cause may be.

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