Badrul Lasker

Why does my laptop not connect to wired (broadband) internet connection?

28 May 2012
Windows 7
Chrome 19
28 May 2012 | Windows 7 | Chrome 19

I have a Compaq Presario laptop, which won’t connect to any wired internet connections, but it does connect through WiFi. However, my other laptop (this one I’m using to write this) works perfectly fine with the same wired connection.

It happened earlier too, but a friend of mine did something and it worked, but this time he says he can’t do anything because it shows 0 received in the activity section under “local area connection status”. It happened all after I gave my laptop to a shop for cleaning the fan. I’m not sure if he removed something out of it. Is it possible because, it looks like some software prob to me, one more reason I’m not doubting is because it has happened before.

I see an exclamatory sign in the network icon.

I tried several things like ip config, updating the network driver, formatting the laptop and installing the new Windows 7, but nothing works.

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