Why does my Facebook account not let me in but only says it is already confirmed?
Question by Manar Mohammad /

Whenever I try to log into my Facebook account, it says that my account is already confirmed. I’ve tried changing the password, but I still can’t log in even with the new passwords. It just says it’s already confirmed. What can I do? Please help! My account is just sitting there. :S

Please get back to me as soon as possible! Thank you!

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Answers (9)
  • tatum royer

    Please help asap I just want my pics of my kids ..thanks so much

  • tatum royer

    Someone hacked into my f.b I had to send in a pic of my I’d n wait for a six number code to change my password went to my email n did everything it said n changed my password now its saying its still secured n won’t let me log in n keeps taking me threw the same process do I have to wait 24 to try to log on or since someone sucured it will it ever b able to get back on

  • null

    Ok, I had the same problem, tried everything, nothing worked. FINALLY, I open a new FB acc, with a new email. Thru that NEW acc I went to HELP and try to RESET MY PASSWORD… eventually it asks for the EMAIL, put the email of the OLD ACC, it’ll show your thumbnail of the OLDD ACC, and will ask if you like to reset by sending and email to your OLD EMAIL, DO NOT GO FURTHER….right below theres a question besides the BLUE BOTTOM (something like: do you want to reset with another email or something), you clic on that question to RESET YOUR OLD EMAIL TO ANY OTHER EMAIL. Once the email is reset, type a new PASSWORD and a message like this will show: Please wait 23h 59Min…. or go to your NEW EMAIL and clic on”Recovery Process” and the same message will show up, to wait 24 hours or so. Hopefully after the wait, you’ll be able to login. The solution basically is to try reseting the OLD EMAIL of OLD FB ACC from another NEW FB acc. Hope all this works for you guys. Im still waiting within my 24 hours time frame… will let you know if it worked.

  • Chuck Baker

    Thank you for the help!

  • Ali Ehsan

    its blocked

    • Chhengkry var

      I cannot log in my face face book account, they told me to confirm my phone number, now my phone not working any.more. I want my password reset code send to my email account ( honkyleng@gmail.com). Thank you.

  • Duy Nguyen Minh

    Your account has been blocked. you wait 24hours and report to facebook managers feedback.

    • unknown

      how is it blocked i have the same problem will it open back again ??

  • ha14

    did you waited like 24hours?
    try to clean browser data history cookies, then close the browser and open again.


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