Zaihan Ahmad

Why does my computer start up very slow?

10 Nov 2012
Windows 7 32-bit
Firefox 12
10 Nov 2012 | Windows 7 32-bit | Firefox 12

I have done a scan using my antivirus software, I have cleaned all unwanted stuff using CCleaner, I have cleaned up my desktop, I have stopped a few programs I don’t want, which run during startup, I have deleted any software that I don’t want. But it still is the same.

When I turn on my computer, the startup display is like normal, which as we know first a Windows logo appears, then a ‘Windows starting’ text in a blue background. After that, the screen appears black for almost 20 minutes and after that the desktop appears as normal.

Can you explain why this happens and the solutions to make my computer start up faster and normally?

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