Why does my computer start up very slow?
Question by Zaihan Ahmad /
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I have done a scan using my antivirus software, I have cleaned all unwanted stuff using CCleaner, I have cleaned up my desktop, I have stopped a few programs I don’t want, which run during startup, I have deleted any software that I don’t want. But it still is the same.

When I turn on my computer, the startup display is like normal, which as we know first a Windows logo appears, then a ‘Windows starting’ text in a blue background. After that, the screen appears black for almost 20 minutes and after that the desktop appears as normal.

Can you explain why this happens and the solutions to make my computer start up faster and normally?

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Answers (35)
  • Prashant Mirjankar

    Try disabling some unwanted apps to start on boot.
    Defrag your HDD (use perfectdisk) with boot time defrag and online defrag
    use ccleaner and delete the unwanted registry and also the junk files

  • Igor Rizvi?

    The best thign you can do right now..is isntall Soluto,then you can customize what programs to startup..what you need and what you dont need...try out disabling some services you dont use..but be carefull..look around the web a little...defrag your harddrive,atleast every 3 weeks if your transfering ,downloading files alot.... maintein your pc like its you pet...

  • Joel Jacob

    Quick boot may not be enabled in the boot menu


    Hello, most common cause for this other than a virus is too many programs starting with windows. You could try the msconfig command to disable startup options you do not want to start with windows or you could also use ccleaner to disable this entries. Most common entries to disable are quickplayer, itunes, java, adobe, etc.

    It is also common for this to happen with older system that do not have a lot of RAM. If your memory is not that much, you can max it and see if that makes a difference.

  • prasad kondaveti

    just run your system in safe mode once and see the effect.

  • Md Nur-Un-Nabi Tutul

    1) disable all the startup programs....
    2) defragment the hard drive using defraggler..
    3) delete all temporary file by writing temp in the comand prompt.(write cmd in the search option in start menu then open it and write temp)
    4) update the operating system by allowing to update automatically or u can do it manually
    5) repair the windows using the cd in boot menu or install a fresh windows

  • Cindy Lucien

    Go to your start menu, type msconfig into the browse bar... go to startup, click on disable all. apply and reboot your computer. This will help your startup speed. This list is all the programs that that startup when you boot your computer and can make it take a long time to boot.... Another problem it could be is your ram. Check to make sure you have enough, running with insufficient ram will also cause slow startup and slow loading of webpages.

  • Muz RC

    what is your comp spec?

  • kumar raja

    It depends on some problems like without Defragmentation, anti virus problem, some programs enabled on startup

  • atul mahajan

    Check the startup programs and disable unimportant ones.
    You can check Startup programs by typing msconfig in search in Start.
    then select Startup tab

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