Abhinav Dhoke

Why does my computer show two versions of Windows XP installed?

18 Nov 2012
Windows XP
Chrome 24
18 Nov 2012 | Windows XP | Chrome 24

My PC is running Windows XP.
I once tried to install ‘Windows XP Professional Setup ? and it had failed.

Since then. when the system boots up, it lists both ‘Windows XP Professional Setup? and ‘Windows XP?. The default OS is ‘Windows XP? and after the options pop up, gives 3 seconds to choose and then starts to install ‘Windows XP Professional Setup? automatically.
How can I remove it from system boot select.

And plus.
I Tried deleting it from BOOT.INI in msconfig, discussed in earlier question, but there’s no option to delete. Is there an alternative?

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