Why does my computer not detect my external hard disk?

27 Jan 2013
Windows XP
Firefox 18
27 Jan 2013 | Windows XP | Firefox 18

I use a fairly old computer. P4 with Windows XP. The 1 TB external Seagate hard disk I use is powered by an external power source.

When I plug it in, I can hear the hard disk working and it slightly vibrates in my hand as it usually does. The lights on the hard disk turn on normally as well. This hard disk has been working fine for the past 6 months now, but the computer can no longer detect it since yesterday.

I have tried plugging the hard disk in every port my PC has, front and back panels, but it won’t detect. Tried restarting the computer as well.

It has all my data and hence I really need this device to start working again.
Desperately need some help and suggestions

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