Why does my Android phone say it has insufficient storage?
Question by Nagendra kumar Gummapu /
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I am using Android 2.3 on a Samsung Galaxy Pro.

Every time I try to download an app that’s probably around 1MB or more. I receive an insufficient storage message. The phone says I have 104 MB free on internal storage and 2GB on my SDCard. Why does this happen?

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Answers (10)
  • Mischa Deden

    It has, of course, to do with the internal memory of your phone.

    Normally all programs and data will be installed in internal memory.
    Android apps are in 2 flavors. Normal programs written in C/C++ which are already compiled (like .exe in Windows) the other one is written java and is compiled in real time.

    The compiled code is placed in the dalvik-cache

    Al this is placed in /data of your internal memory.

    You can use A2SD but it moves some parts to the sdcard.

    Another option is to use a custom rom and use an ext3 partition.
    This partition will be mounted as /data providing you with enough space for all your apps.

    Just look at XDA and the sub forum of your phone

  • sai

    Hello iam using sony ericsson walkman live with android 2.3.4, apps are occupying more space i.e 300mb and total is 420mb how can i move apps to sdcard i.e 4gb please give in brief and is this effects the performance of my mobile and i also installed apps 2 sd app from market but no use to me.

    • susendeep dutta

      Apps2SD can work if and only if app developers has worked on the app to be moved to SD card.

  • Harron Subhani

    clean memory card,unnecessary messages,apps and look for the speed up factor.

  • Kyem Ghosh

    as it is a android device, I’ll recommend you to flash back to the factory settings as said by ha14

  • ha14

    Settings->Applications->Unknown Sources should be checked.
    you can also try to use a cleaner to remove old cache…;

    try a soft reset and see the problem solved, if not hard reset (first do a backup of files since will be deleted during the operation)

  • Susendeep Dutta

    You’re receiving this error because your phone’s internal memory is in the verge of getting filled.It happens because messages,apps(widgets especially) uses internal memory.You can free up your phone’s internal memory by moving some apps to memory card(only compatible apps can be moved),deleting some messages and uninstalling those apps which you’re not going to use in future.

    If you constantly face low memory issues then choose all-in-one apps only i.e which performs various functions.For example,if you like to read articles from various sites like engadget and other sites and you install their respective apps in your phone,it’ll consume more memory.Using a news reader app like Pulse will solve your problem.

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