Why does Google Chrome keep giving me a Shockwave error?
Question by Rebecca Hersh /

Web pages frequently freeze with the message that Shockwave has crashed. This only happens to me on Chrome.

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Answers (6)
  • Christin

    It happened to me too. To solve it, try to restart the browser and update the plugins (if it keeps persistent). Oh, and don’t open to many tabs that eat lots of RAM esp if you have slow PC and too many apps running.

  • nguyen minh duy

    Uninstall google chrome and reinstall again. go Adobe download and install Shockware again.

  • salim benhouhou

    try updating your flash player plugin

  • Salman Johnson

    I’m sure its just a bug. I have the same issue from time to time.

  • ha14

    on chrome type: chrome://plugins/
    on the right side click on Details
    scroll to Flash, then deactivate the ones that comes with chrome and let only macromedia.

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