Why does email on my Yahoo account not load?
Question by Sonia Hurley /
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I can log into my Yahoo account, but when I try to open individual mail to read them, it eventually times out.

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Answers (9)
  • TechGeek Mouslim

    see the DNS server,It might not allow connection to mail in your YAHOO

  • kulotpoako

    Try using a different browser. If that works successfully, reinstall your current browser.


    Hello, can you provide us with more info? For example, does it happen all the time? Has this been going on for a while? Is it a new issue? Did this start happening after an update? Do you have this issue with other web based email? Does this happen when using other browsers?

    • Sonia

      This problem started at work. I opened my yahoo account on another computer, assigned to a user who had complained of the issue.

      Afterwards I tried opening the account on the system assigned to me and this is when the problem started.

      However at home I have no problems reading my mail. Neither am I having this issue with other web based mail at either location.

  • jessemanalansan

    Maybe it's a problem with your internet connection.

  • Manide

    Hi Sonia,

    I see you are using Chrome browser.
    Try with another one - IE would be fine, as you are under Windows OS.

  • Ryan Dube

    Hi Sonia - what browser are you using, and have you tried it with any other browsers? Do you have the same problem across all browsers?

  • Roshin idi

    Try disabling your adblock, if you have Better Pop Up Blocker disable it for mail.yahoo.com

    Hope it helps

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