Why does Chrome eat up all my memory on Windows 7 4GB RAM laptop?
Question by Ray Morin /
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I usually have 4 or 5 Chrome browsers tabs active and after a while they use so much memory, my memory use goes to high 90s% and laptop is so slow it is useless. Typically, I have to close Chrome down the reopen to reclaim some free memory. Any suggestions?

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Answers (14)
  • steve

    You are all wrong ! Web page should not be internet rich app it should be information carrier and that is root of all problems. Heavy web pages should be blocked and this way developers of web pages would then think more than twice overloading web pages with useless or even dangerous scripts. This is heavy problem even on comp with 16 GB RAM and 6 or more core CPU. I have tested. All major brand browsers are overloading RAM and then have a sindrom of being very slow or even crashing. Instead of everything going faster, everything is going choked slowed down and bloating MS OS trough browser is a child's play. And browser developers are doing nothing against. One could have 10 MBit or more optics broadband and home supercomputer but normal home internet use with such development is not possible. We should build resource free internet inside internet and all others that are to heavy on web pages kicked out. I'm not interested on information as internet rich app. Information should be as is meant to be and web pages should use only this much RAM as as size being saved to disk. All web pages that are using more than 1 MB RAM should be blocked. Making internet fast freeing resources and an-choke ours computers.

  • Praveen Kumar

    it seems you are using too many extension on google chrome.. try disabling some of these and clear your browsing data ..

  • Martin McToal

    Chrome runs loads of background processes even when you have shut it down. it's just part of the advantaged and disadvantages that come with chrome. If you go to chrome settings. and click on advanced options, down at the bottom uncheck "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed" That should help. Also check your extension and apps and decide if they are of benefit for you're particular needs. If they are not, then disable them.

  • Gaurav Joshi

    it is no of extension you use and no of tabs that are open use extension TabMemFree to save memory while using google chrome

  • Junil Maharjan

    probably because of too many extensions, apps and tabs open at the same time.

  • Jim Chambers

    Are the sites you visit trustworthy? Has your computer been using an excessive amount of bandwidth?

  • Alan Wade

    Start Chrome without any addons or extensions running, any better? If it is then its proberly a corrupted addon/extension. Enable them one by one checking Chrome as you go until you find the one that hammers your resources.

  • ha14

    Review Of Firefox, Chrome And IE Memory Usage 2012

    Open a sample set of 10 websites (same for all browsers) in separate tabs:

    Chrome – 465 MB
    IE9 – 388 MB
    Firefox – 222 MB

    Chrome's memory usage and some ways to check it.

    TabsOutliner extension
    Has the unique ability to close and preserve “in place” any tab or window, without removing them from the original context in the tree. Then, if needed, reopen them in the same way you select already open windows or tabs.

  • Jan Fritsch

    In general you are right that Chrome is using a lot of memory by default. This is partially because of the multi-process model Chrome uses and because it is designed to be very responsive which requires a lot of it residing in memory.

    However, even with dozen extensions installed and flash content in the tabs it shouldn't be much more than 200MB for the main process plus an additional 100-150MB per Tab.

    You can see the current usage by pressing Shift + ESC while in Chrome or by entering about://memory into the address bar.
    This will help you identify if and what part of Chrome is using up a lot of memory. Maybe it is some incompatible extension or plug-in taking up a lot of it or worse one of them having a memory leak.

    I would also suggest to look into the Windows Resource Monitor to see what else is using up your memory.
    - open up the Task Manager (rightclick the Taskbar and select Task manager)
    - go to the Performance tab
    - click Resource Monitor

    If you are using a 32bit Windows memory numbers can be deceptive.
    Because of the limited address space you might be losing a big chunk of that just for having other hardware installed. For example a dedicated graphics card with 1GB of memory together with the rest of the hardware would mean you probably have around 2.7 - 2.9GB of RAM available to the system.

    With Windows 7 taking another 1-1.2GB by default that would leave you with 1.5GB for applications. Substracting (200+5*120) for Chrome you are down to only 700MB for other applications.

  • DalSan Mack

    One reason RAM gets use up quickly with browsers are the amount of Add-ons and plug-ins are installed and used by the browser along with any and all installed tool bars. Disable all add-ons (extensions) and toolbars to see if it helps. If it does help, only install or re-enable the extensions and toolbars you want to keep using or need.

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