Why do I need admin rights for all the software on my PC?
Question by Erlis Dhima /
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It seems that whenever I want to run a program I now need admin rights. I need them when installing new programs too. Also, often when I try to run these programs they crash. For example, Windows Media Center closes immediately when I try to access Live TV. A window appears saying the program has crashed and it’s sending a report.

What might be causing these issues? I’ve scanned for viruses but have found none.

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Answers (17)
  • Jim Chambers

    To install most programs you must be logged on to an administrative account. Certain programs will not run in a limited account because they make changes to the HDD.

  • Erlis Dhima

    Perhaps I the description I gave, was a bit wrong! Some programs are having problem running! Also, when I try to install new programs, some show an error tab, some doesn't show the setup menu.. Most of them start to install when I run as administrator.. But after installing they work with bugs.. So, probably it doesn't have to do with the administrator rights..
    I've captured an image what happens when I try to install dropbox..
    I'm also thinking it could be a problem with any service..

  • Ahmed Musani

    you just need to change the administrative privilege by going to computer, right clicking it and selecting properties, selecting security and then the advanced tab.

  • luis donis

    apparently have already said all the steps you need to make that good

  • Junil Maharjan

    Alan Wade is right. But its for your own safety.

  • John Smith

    It is necessary to have admin rights to avoid any problem which creates during browsing or installing. For example if you have admin rights than when browsing if any programme or any virus programme unable to install them selves unless you give them access by entering your admin password. When asking for password pop up screen will show programmed detail. You can decide whether you want to install or not.

  • Jeffrey Wilson

    Administrative rights protect your system from being corrupted by other user's on
    your system adding software that would change settings on the system with out
    your knowledge. It an added security.

  • Jim Chambers

    Maybe your user profile is corrupted.Try creating a new user account with administrative rights and login to it to see if problem is solved.

  • Jim Dawkins

    UAC - try disabling it (not recommended) or limiting its features

  • salim benhouhou

    your UAC is turned on that's why it says that you need admin right when installing or modifying your softwares

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