Why do emails sent to Hotmail through the Windows Live Mail page not appear on the Windows Live Hotmail web page?
Question by David /

On my Windows Live Mail page I have three accounts, which are Tiscali.co.uk, Yahoo.co.uk, and Hotmail.co.uk. I can send messages to any of these email addresses and they arrive OK. But if I go to the Windows Live Hotmail web page, they do not show any of the Hotmail messages.

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Answers (3)
  • Yiz Borol

    Please refine your question; I think the reason your question is not yet answered is because you’ve phrased it oddly.

    Are you asking: emails that are sent to one of my accounts don not appear in my main account inbox, when all are set to forward there, what is going on?

  • Douglas Mutay

    Don’t give yourself headache and open an account with Gmail. You can later on import all your SMS Emails to your Gmail and I promise you won’t have such kind of annoyance again!

  • Harry Barnes

    Get another email address, such as gmail, and use that. I guarantee it doesn’t have this problem, I’ve looked very deep into it for you.

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