Why do computer punch cares never show two or more numbers punched one above the other?

Steve R September 30, 2013
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This will definately date me,but I’ve always been intrigued by why there never are two(or more)numbers punched one above another? they’re always staggered in the punches. Example;a card has five rows,lets say. Rows 1 and 2 are all 1’s,Rows 2 and 3 are all 2’s,Rows 4 and 5 are all 3’s. So Row one has the first 1 punched,then Row 2 will have the second 1 punched. Row 3 has the third 2 punched,Row 4 has the fourth 2 punched,Row 4 has the fifth 3 punched,and Row 5 has the sixth 3 punched. There are never any numbers punched directly below a number in any other row.

Why is-or was-that?

I hope I’ve explained this so you’ll understand. It’s just an FYI that’s always interested me.

Steve Rathbun

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