Rajaa Chowdhury

Why can’t I log in to Skype?

18 Nov 2012
Chrome 23
18 Nov 2012 | Windows | Chrome 23

I sent this mail to the Skpe Support team (support@skype.net)


Dear Skype Support Team,

Day before yesterday I have installed Skype on my Windows 7 64 Bit desktop and created my Skype account using Microsoft Live log in @outlook.com. It created the profile and generated the Skype name live:********* and never prompted me to enter any password for Skype. In Windows 7 Skype client, I am logging in with the Microsoft Live log in and password.

Today I have installed Skype for Android and tried to log in with my outlook.com email ID and password, which it did not recognize Then I tried the Skype username with my outlook.com password, and faced the same problem. I do not have any Skype password as such. I tried to reset the password, but it prompts for the old Skype password, which I do not have. Then I sent forgotten password link mail to my registered email @outlook.com, but it does neither accept the link henceforth and neither accept the token manually when entered and says it is unrecognized. I tried this within 2 minutes of receiving the mail (well within the 6 hour time limit). Therefore I am not being able to log in into my Skype for Android. Kindly suggest and help!!!

I am also not being able to use the Community forum or send email through support page, for the same reason.

With Warm Regards,

Raja Chowdhury


Auto-generated reply of Skype Support

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately this email address is no longer in use.

Please follow these steps to contact us:
1. Visit our support website at: http://support.skype.com/
2. Please try to find an answer to your question first by searching our Knowledge Base.
3. If you do not find an answer, click “Get more help” in the far-right column
4. Sign-in using your Skype account username and password
5. Select Email Support
6. Fill out our form with as much information as possible and click the “Send Support Request” button at the end.

We will get back to you as soon as possible; a reply may take up to 24 hours.

We look forward to helping you enjoy using Skype!


Now I cannot get into this support page as it is not accepting my Windows Live Login and I do not know the Skype password as already mentioned (it must also have been auto-generated like the Skype name). Kindly suggest, what do I do in such situation. Please Help!!

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