Why can’t I boot Fedora like I used to on my multi-boot system?

I_AM_JUST_ME November 25, 2012
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I’ve been installing various operating systems on my laptop – Microsoft Windows 7 and various Linux distributions. I used EasyBCD to add Linux entries into Windows 7 bootloader/master boot record. A few days earlier I am unable to boot into Fedora (I can boot Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Back Track , Open Suse, Debian, Linux Back Box, Pear Linux).

To be more clear I can’t boot Fedora directly from Windows 7 boot loader, if I chose any other OS beside Microsoft Windows for example Linux Mint to boot from the Windows 7 bootloader it will give me choice to boot from any other OS there too. If I choose Fedora to boot from there it boots fine, which made me think I need to fix the Windows boot loader. I tried every possible thing I could do according to my knowledge yet couldn’t resolve it.

I want to boot Fedora from the Windows boot loader as it’s been all the time . I would also like to know why I’m unable to boot Fedora only?


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