Why can’t I access my Facebook account even after providing a government ID?

lawrence May 24, 2013
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I received an email from Facebook asking me if I had added another email address to my account. I click on the option that stated that I had not added that email address to my account. Then I received another email from Facebook which stated that it came from the same server and did I know how this happened or who had done it. I responded that I didn’t know. Then they locked my account. When I tried to sign in, it requested that I sign in on one of three browsers or send them a photo of a government ID. I tried both. At one point it appeared that they let me change my password, but they still are requesting that I sign in on one of three browsers. When I do this, I get the same message that my account has been locked and click on a message to answer some questions. When I click on it, I get the request to sign on using one of the three browsers. Around and around the mulberry bush I go.

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