Why can I not play a high quality video with VLC player?
Question by Yawar Ansari /
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Recently, I have downloaded a very high quality video (1920 x 1080 pixel, codec-H.264/AVC,24FPS, audio codec-MPEG-4 AAC audio). I couldn’t play the video using VLC player. Please help!

My laptop is equipped with AMD brazos dual core c50 processor, Radeon graphics HD 6250M graphics card and 2GB RAM. Currently, I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Answers (19)
  • Monique G

    i like bluray media player from iReal.

  • Monique G

    you may have other choices. you can download other bluray players to watch high quality video.

  • Monique G

    why don't you use another player. Many bluray media players are good and you can choose from Macgo, iReal and so on.

  • Prashant Mirjankar

    your monitor wont be supporting that resolution. and also try with different media player

  • salim benhouhou

    update your codecs . install k-lite codec pack at :

  • Ashwin Divakaran

    Use KMPlayer for thats the overall best when it comes to playing ultra high resolution videos.


  • Dimal Chandrasiri

    try with another media player.. maybe vlc has a ug in it.

  • Robbie Blowe

    you didn't say what version of VLC you have, cos only the latest 2.0 twoflower version fully supports HD videos , but even the previous versions can play HD videos , but if you an older version like 0.8 or others then it cannot play HD videos, and you didn't say if you have installed any codec packs , cos sometimes codec packs tend to conflict with VLC codecs . so i cannot accurately give an solution but generally there are somethings that you can do;-
    1) See if you have installed any media players or codec packs ,try uninstalling them.
    2) if you have installed K-Lite codec pack be sure not to associate it with windows as default codecs as this can lead to conflicts and thus will effect VLC or other codec depended players rendering them useless or sometimes not be able to play certain type of media files.
    3) Make sure the file you dowloaded is not corrupt, you can try it by try playing it with media player in Windows 7, if there is any error massage , read it carefully and maybe you can find out the problem as these error massages will state the root of problem
    hope this helped, but without detailed information about the problem, no accurate solution can be given, thus all the above is meant for general diagnose only but sometimes this can resolve the problem

  • salim benhouhou
  • Ahmed Musani

    i suggest you use KMPLAYER. it supports nearly all formats and offers much more features with seamless playback.

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