Why can I not open my browser pressing 0 on my Nokia 2323 phone?
Question by Darshil Modi /

In Nokia phones, we can open the browser by long pressing 0. But when I press 0 button, I get an error “check your homepage address.” Where can I find this homepage address? Please help me. Thanks in advance!

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Answers (5)
  • Nikhil Chandak

    user guide for ur phone , read the guide properly – http://nds1.nokia.com/phones/files/guides/Nokia_2323_classic_UG_en.pdf
    it may help u out

  • susendeep dutta

    Your browser might be having incorrect homepage address or the address might had become outdated.Most of the mobile browser’s homepage in India is of carrier’s choice by default and is carrier’s homepage.

    If you feel comfortable with Google or any other sites becoming the homepage of your mobile browser,then you can change it.

  • Douglas Mutay

    DArshil, you need to set up the home page manually. Go to Menu -> Settings -> Configuration -> Personal config. settings.
    Find your web settings. This will usually be indicated with a globe icon.
    The second item on the next screen will be ‘Homepage’. For your case, I believe it’s empty or not well entered, so enter your preferred homepage, remembering to include the ‘http://’. Click OK to see the ‘Saved’ message. Click the red End key to return to Standby mode and give it a try. It should be working.

  • Boni Oloff

    Maybe you should try to check the homepage. Do you write it in the correct way?
    With HTTP in it/

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