Gaurang Jani

Why can I not log into Debian 4.0 on Sun VirtualBox 3.0.12?

13 Jan 2013
Chrome 23
13 Jan 2013 | Windows | Chrome 23

Hello MakeUseOf Team,

I am Gaurang Jani from india. At school I have to learn Linux, especially Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu. At my home I want to use Debian 4.0 because I neither like RHEL nor Ubuntu.

I copied Sun VirtualBox 3.0.12 from my friend’s pen drive and downloaded Debian 4.0 VDI from this web site. The problem is, when I boot Debian 4.0 on my VirtualBox , everything loads, I have to enter username (in this VDI it is “root” or “toor”) and password (“debian” or “reverse”). I can enter username, but when I enter password, my keyboard doesn’t work. I can not even enter a simple word.

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