Why can I not download Java Runtime Environment?
Question by Mohammad Nayef /

I have been trying to download Java Runtime Environment on my notebook, but it always stops before completion.

I tried downloading through different mirrors (FileHippo, CNET, Softpedia, BrotherSoft, Softonic, and even their official site), but the download never finishes and gets stuck and it shows a speed of 0kbps when it’s not.

I have been able to download other files without any problem , even torrent files, therefore I do not think that the ISP is blocking it. I tried to download previous version, but the same problem arises. So is it just me or is there any bug in the software.

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Answers (9)
  • Roshin idi

    Use a different browser or as people have said download on another pc then transfer to yours

  • Aswin Kumar K P

    Use Internet Download Manager to download,since ti can resume download afterwards.

  • Terafall

    Try download it using different browser.if it still fails,try to download it using other computer like others said.
    If your antivirus is the problem,try installing java after you disabled your antivirus because if it block you from downloading,it might block you when you try to install it

  • Etech Etech

    Did you try downloading it on another computer, then transfering it via a thumb drive?

  • Robert Szubarga

    try to turn off antyvirus and firewall software for that download.

  • Deekshith Allamaneni

    Your anti-virus might be blocking. Try the same disabling your anti-virus or other protection software. But be careful when you try this. Download only from reputed and safe sites.

  • vineed gangadharan


    choose whatever version suit your system and download the exe…try downloading it from other pc and copy paste on your netbook and then install it
    i recommend offline version

  • Douglas Mutay

    I will suggest same as Ha14. Try to download the file from another computer using a download manager that can resume your download if the connexion is down, then install it in your notebook.

  • ha14

    perhaps antivirus blocks it somehow.
    try to use download manager

    download on another pc then transfer to yours

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