Why can I no longer access my Western Digital Passport?

me November 7, 2012
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I used my passport Saturday night to make a DVD of pictures. I shut everything down and when I tried to use it later my computer (an HP laptop) didn’t recognize it, saying that I would have to reformat it before use. The next time I tried, it said that the “H” drive couldn’t be found.

I brought it in to work and it is not recognized on this computer (Dell). I have another computer at home (Acer laptop) that I tried to use it on and that didn’t work either.

I searched for the passport and it showed a shortcut, I clicked on it and a box came up saying Windows can’t open it to use another program. I closed that box and it gave me the option to use iTunes. So I clicked on it and most of my icons on the desktop and the ones on the bottom turned into iTunes. I tried to restore to a previous time and it ran for over an hour and no results.

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