Why am I seeing a BSOD for Win32K.sys when using Google Chrome on Windows XP?
Question by Raymond Birnbaum /
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Recently went to Google Chrome and GMail from Explorer. Getting blue screen of death showing corruption of file Win32k.sys with code
Stop: OxOOOOOO50.

I am not a computer code expert. My research on the net gathered several opinions:

A) Problem is Chrome search engine with my Windows XP system, and I should abandon Chrome and go back to Explorer or Firefox.

B) I should find a disc to reload Windows XP.

C) I don’t think its GMail, but is the search engine.

I would like to keep GMail and I think I can use it with engine other than Chrome.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated

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Answers (9)
  • Elrick Browne

    I had this issue yesterday and like somesaid i tried the switching around the ram and i ran prime95 to test ram and surely so one of the rams were bad

  • Ben Miller

    I'm having the exact same problem and I can tell you, 100% that is IS Google Chrome. I updated all my drivers, including graphics drivers, reinstalled Windows 7, updated my BIOS, checked RAM and disk check (both good) and still got BSOD every time I used Google Chrome.

    I uninstalled Chrome and used the computer for three days with no BSOD. I reinstalled Chrome to try again and within 10 minutes, I got the BSOD. After three more times of the blue screen and my computer shutting down, I uninstalled Chrome again and for an entire week, all was well.

    I thought I would try again, because I much prefer Google Chrome to IE or Firefox and it seems to be much faster. I installed Chrome for a third time and the very first time I used it, I got another BSOD. For the third time, I have installed it about 5 days ago and no problems since.

    I really want to use Chrome because it was so much faster and easier, but I handle the random BSOD's. Please help.

  • Boley

    FYI. I had a friend with win 7 having the same problem. Tracked it down to google update. No chrome involved.

    • Roberto

      Hello. I am having the same problem through the last days. I must say i got the BSOD due to my ATi GrAPHIC CARD but for another reason (ati2dvag). Now it is caused by win32ksys., often when I start Chrome. It did not happen a couple of months ago, so I think that it si caused by some updates on chrome, . Ciao a tutti!!

    • Lolek

      Try removing some of your RAM. When I got similar blue screens it was always some faulty RAM.

  • Glenn

    Very glad I came across your post, as I experienced the exact same sequence of events & wouldn't have otherwise attributed it to opening gmail in chrome. Won't do that again. Thanks!

  • Mike

    I have been getting a lot of the BSOD and tried many things to stop it and found by NOT using google chrome stopped this. I have got a 10 year old pentium 4 1gb sdram and xp sp3. Hope this helps u too.

  • Mike

    Stop code 0x50 is PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA
    Win32k.sys is part of the graphics and window system of Windows

    From your description I would say that something within Chrome causes an error in the Windows Manager or similar further causing win32k.sys to crash and therefor BSOD.

    If you experience it only within Chrome I would say
    (a) Chrome is installed on defective part of your hard drive causing some error to occur
    - open a command prompt and rund "chkdsk /f /r"

    (b) Chrome is not properly installed and causes a read/write error to the memory
    - remove and re-install Chrome

    (c) Chrome calls some graphics function that is not working properly
    - uninstall your graphics driver, download it again from the manufacturers site and install it


    Hello, I do not think that error has anything to do with you using chrome or gmail. You can try the following methods:

    SFC:(if possible, make sure XP installation disc is available). The system file checker command compares the system files in your computer with the original ones. If one is corrupted or missing it will try to replace it. This is the reason to have installation disc handy:

    -- click on start
    -- click on run
    -- type the following:

    sfc /scannow

    -- let the scan run. If it asks you to insert cd, do so

    If the above method does not work, you could try repairing your XP installation. You would also need your installation disc. This will install windows XP on top keeping your settings and programs.


    There is also the final option of reinstalling your operating system. I would leave this option for last after trying other options. Let us know if any of these methods work.

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