Raymond Birnbaum

Why am I seeing a BSOD for Win32K.sys when using Google Chrome on Windows XP?

16 Jun 2012
Windows XP SP3
16 Jun 2012 | Windows XP SP3 | Chrome

Recently went to Google Chrome and GMail from Explorer. Getting blue screen of death showing corruption of file Win32k.sys with code
Stop: OxOOOOOO50.

I am not a computer code expert. My research on the net gathered several opinions:

A) Problem is Chrome search engine with my Windows XP system, and I should abandon Chrome and go back to Explorer or Firefox.

B) I should find a disc to reload Windows XP.

C) I don’t think its GMail, but is the search engine.

I would like to keep GMail and I think I can use it with engine other than Chrome.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated

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