Why am I no longer receiving emails in Outlook in Windows 8?

Rachel Kapsalakis February 13, 2013
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I am not receiving emails in Outlook (Windows 8). I have set up my email to send and receive through Outlook. I created a Hotmail account and was getting my emails from my internet provider (Eftel) through this. It was all working fine until 3 days ago when I stopped receiving emails. I can still send them.

I have tried to reset the setting in Outlook, but get the following messages when I try: “We’re sorry but we are upgrading our system and you cannot add or edit your account” and also “This account is set up to receive emails from your providers POP3 server but emails are sent through Outlook’s SMTP server.”

Around the same time my McAfee security expired, but I have renewed it and still no incoming emails.

Hoping you can help me! Thanks.

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