Which operating system should I choose for my next laptop?

Bumferry H September 27, 2013
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I am in the long process of selecting my next laptop (I like to take my time on these things). Having had a good opportunity to use Windows 8 on someone else laptop I am not impressed and would like to know what, in your opinions, are the best operating systems for laptops.

I am aware of Apple, know nothing of Linux(?) and somewhat dislike Windows 8.

Apple is expensive (in my opinion) – but it is worth the money?

Windows 8 seems overly complicated, has lost a lot of the appeal and ease of use I have grown up with and from my experience is too “fiddly” compared to Windows 7 or XP.

So, over to you guys: what do you use and what made you choose your system of choice? Am I just stuck in my ways and should I get to grips with Windows 8 or switch to a Mac? Or is there something else out there I should consider?

Looking forward to some interesting answers!

Thanks in advance.

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