Which is the best Windows image viewer?
Question by Justin Ellenwood /

XnView, Irfan View, FastStone? I am looking for a good photo viewer to replace the default Windows one. I would prefer that it opens the images fast like the default viewer.

I do not need it to have lots of extra features and image editing of any type. Which is the best for me?

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Answers (27)
  • Rakesh Pal

    i think picasa is one of the best windows image viever

  • Yashodhan Bhatt

    The fastest is faststone from http://www.faststone.org

  • salim benhouhou

    i tried FastStone and find it good enough but i believe that the default viewer is better .

  • Achraf Almouloudi

    If you want it to be as simple and as fast as the default viewer, why you just don’t want to stick with it.

    • Justin Ellenwood

      There is just something about it that I don’t like. I can’t really explain it

    • Achraf Almouloudi

      If you can’t explain it then there would be no useful feedback from your position and their developers can’t improve it.

    • Justin Ellenwood

      I think it has to do with the “look” of the windows image viewer. It just looks and feels outdated and clunky to me

  • Saurabh Kumar

    I would recommend Google Picassa……..

  • Lisa Santika Onggrid

    IrfanView is generally considered the best, although Picasa works perfectly fine for me as well. Both load image in a click. Can’t say for the other because I never use them.

  • Junil Maharjan

    The windows default viewer is great. I would prefer to use Picasa as well which has a great interface.

  • Jim Chambers

    How about Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

  • Paul Pruitt

    I agree with Fawad, if you just want viewing, Picasa is great intuitive and automatic, although sometimes it’s dicey about how to add photos to its purview.

    However for speed, I think you can’t beat IrfanView. Use the IrfanView Thumbnails viewer or use the blue arrows in the middle of the toolbar of the regular interface, to cycle through a folder.

  • RG

    XnView has many strengths and features and deserves a mention here.

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