Which is the best free Instant Messaging app for iPad for GTalk and Facebook chat?

Kyem Ghosh June 7, 2013
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I have been using Nimbuzz for a long time in my Nokia’s and now I’ve got an iPad and am always connected to WiFi on it. Better to say, I have stopped using mobile internet. And so I needed an IM app for my iPad.

Unfortunately, neither Nimbuzz nor ebuddy or Wechat etc. have any iPad specific app. But still I currently use iM+ in my iPad, it’s decent but not as good as I wanted. There are certain flaws like slow connectivity, gets disconnected on minimising the app etc (I have been reporting them and they assured me for rectification) but still I needed an alternative to iM+.

Well I want to stick to some free app. I won’t like to spend money for IM apps. Any suggestions?

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