Where can I download YUV8 codecs for Windows?

November 8, 2013
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I have videos from 90’s recorded on Alaris QuickVideo capture using YUV8 codecs. Anyone got them?

Sorry to be blunt and in your face but after YEARS of searching, I’m tired and just want to see my old videos resuscitated. Everyone is quick to say “get this codec pack (from some uber unsafe download site)” that never has the old codecs included because they are hard to find, or I wouldn’t be here searching and asking, or “download this new player it plays everything” or “convert it to something else”, apparently not realizing that neither of these solutions work without the codec we need being installed. So,with that said (and hopefully read before you try to answer this), what ‘we’ (all the people searching for codecs to videos created in the past) need is THE codec/codecs/websitethathassaidcodecs we ask for, and not your best guess solution. So, if you can’t put up the files/location of files we need, then please keep your useless drivel to yourself.

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