What’s the difference between Android operating systems?
Question by Christine St Syr Griffin /
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I am trying to understand why Verizon’s tablets are running on Honeycomb and yet others purchased elsewhere are updated. Why is it so difficult to have them updated? Is it a legal issue? I purchased my Samsung 7.7 with the promise from Verizon it would receive and update and it has not. So what am I missing and why can’t the upgrade happen?

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Answers (24)
  • DalSan

    The reason for the lack of updates is because of having the Verizon branding. Their updates must include Verizon specific software, which means modifications to the plain "Vanilla" versions of updates. Verizon, amongst other phone service providers, have to have the right software added, tweaked, and tested before releasing the updates, which takes time and money. It may be cheaper up-front getting a phone company branded device, but the cost of untimely and lack of updates and extra cost in the long run would make it not worthwhile. As others have said, installing CyanogenMod or other modified operating system would offer much better speed, functionality, and updating ability for any android device capable of it. Just follow the instructions carefully and you should be fine. Having the benefits of blocking most advertisements in most apps Adobe is worth doing so for me, plus getting rid of junk that otherwise could not be rid of, and having speed and battery life improvements.

  • Ahmed Musani

    You can check for software upgrade via your phone.

  • Andrew Yen

    just the features and software...

  • luis donis

    for improvements to the system if you add more things

  • Junil Maharjan

    I will back what Fawad Mirzad said. Every telco operator and manufacturer create their own version from what google provides them. So every update for every android device takes time.

  • siddharth singh

    it isn't a legal issue. they take time because they have to add their own custom softwares.

  • Jack Giebel

    Android is open source, so the manufacturers can modify it all they want. And when a new version of android comes out, they take forever making sure there garbage works right. Then the carries do the same.

  • Nguyen Huy Anh

    Different versions just have different feature sets. Like the new Holo UI in ICS and up, and Google Now in Jelly Beans and up.
    I suggest you go online and search for custom ROMs like CyanogenMod. They are very reliable and relatively easy to install.
    There's a bit of learning curve involved but fret not, you'll be there in no time!

  • Rohit Pandey

    not difference.......
    android is an open source operating system.so it can be develop by anyone,anywhere, for suitable hardware.....
    so eventually the difference is automaticallly gets generated.

  • Jeffrey Wilson

    I have search for solutions to your problem and found this link.
    I hope it answers your question and solves it.

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