What’s the cheapest way to equip classrooms with monitors that have Internet access?

Joseph Videtto February 2, 2013
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I’m based in the U.S.

Our school about to upgrade computers, but rather than go the traditional PC/monitor/printer route, are exploring other options.

We’re looking for the most cost-effective route to replace 50 (very old) PC’s distributed throughout 2 buildings, to provide students with a total of 50 ‘seats’ that give students access to the Internet. We already have a network in place that’s about to be upgraded to fiber optic, and are open to all hardware options. The PC’s are currently locked down and continue to need to be locked down (which believe it or not really adds a great expense – especially when you have to pay a company to remove the old lockdown unit and install a brand new model for the new hardware : (

Also, we need printers, 25 in all – I’m thinking Laser jet for sure; I purchased a brother HF5470DW for about $200 and love it – think it was an outstanding value – double sided printing too. Anyone have a more cost-effective, reliable, low cost per printed page alternative ?

Thanks in advance.

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