What’s the best wireless adapter for my desktop PC?

La Boheme May 17, 2013
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I purchased a tower AMD quad system in October 2012 specifically to use for creating graphics and 3D content for online gaming and virtual world environments. At the time I had my own direct cable connection at my studio so had a solid fast high speed connection. I’ve recently relocated and now have net access via a Wi-Fi router located maybe 60 feet from my studio space. I get a fairly consistent strong connection on my laptop which has an internal Wi-Fi chip.

I need to purchase a powerful Wi-Fi adapter (probably one with antenna) for the tower since it doesn’t have any wireless connectivity (just the Ethernet port). I will eventually be getting a direct Internet line but in the meanwhile I need a wireless adapater that works with the Wi-Fi router.

I’d appreciate suggestions on what adapters work best, I want: solid and reliable high-speed connection for heavy online interactive gaming graphics, an easy install (USB even?) and good value.

Thank you for your help.

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