What’s the best voice chat app for Android?

24 Jan 2013
24 Jan 2013 | Windows | Lynx

I’m searching for a *working* voice chat app for Google’s Android OS.

I tried out so many. E.g. Tango, Skype, Viper, Line, KakaoTalk and so many others but all are more than I need. Because of Android’s terrible memory management I only want the App to run when I start it.

I do *not* want a background process.
I do not want it to run automatically when I don’t need it.
I do not want it to run when I restart the phone.
Also, I do not need any text chat..
… only a 1:1 voice chat and not a “press button to send a voice message” Application.
… and a “close program” and really kill the process


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