What’s the best software for recording/downloading live streaming TV?

Antonis Ashiotis April 22, 2013
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Erlis Dhima asked this question last year and I am re-posting in case there is a better answer now.

Hello there! It’s been some time that I record live streaming tv shows on the internet! The site where I watch this live streaming tv is: http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/w/movie/

I’ve used different software for this purpose: Replay Media Catcher 4, Jaksta Streaming Media Recorder, and others…
But I found Jaksta to be better for this…
Also with Internet Download Manager, you can direct download the streaming video, and press stop when you want it to stop…

What I really want:
1. recorder/downloader for rtmp links and other enconding…
2. That this program has a good scheduling system..
3. Silent recorder/ downloader (No need for the browser to open or anything like this… Just add the link, and as scheduled, record silently)
4. A program with no bugs (Jaksta has a lot. And it’s like a copy of Replay Media Catcher -or the other way around…-)
5. Frame by frame recorder (I don’t like the ones that skip frames, and later create problems with audio syncing)

I don’t know if anyone knows of any program… But please, if so, tell me!

Thanks in advance!

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