What’s the best place to buy an Alienware laptop in Sri Lanka?
Question by Geethan Ambanpola /

Alienware is sold by Dell. But it seems that Dells customer service sucks. Recently i found an alternative seller which is Xoticpc (www.xoticpc.com). Both websites allows me to customize the laptop but apparently Xoticpc offers a larger range of accessories to me.

All the same, xoticpc seems to overprice the Alienware so that it passes my cash limit (2400 USD). I managed to build an Alienware M17x R4 with a GTX 680m (2gb vid ram), 6gb ram topped off with a Nvidia 3d bundle and an Alienware backpack at Dells Alienware webpage whereas I couldn’t do the same with Xoticpc.

If there are any alternative sellers i could buy from….. please mention because this laptop doesn’t go cheap.

ALso… i live in Sri Lanka, so will the warranty and guarantee be worth it??? Thanx!

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